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Common Disorders

Stroke (Brain Attack)

 Time is brain - Stroke is an acute vascular event.  Block to the circulation of the brain  produces ischaemic stroke and rupture of a blood vessel of the brain produces hemorrhagic stroke. Ischaemic stroke is more common than hemorrhagic stroke. If the ischaemic stroke patient reaches hospital in 3 hours, there is a possibility of breaking the clot with thrombolytic therapy.

Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)

 Transient circulation disturbance to the brain produces brief loss of vision/speech/numbness or weakness of limbs and from which patient recovers in few seconds to minutes. It is a warning sign for stroke and by taking appropriate preventive measures after consulting specialist stroke can be avoided.

Risk Factors and prevention

 The common risk factors for stroke are hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipedemia and smoking. By treating above disorders and avoid smoking stroke can be prevented.

Epilepsy              Headache                 Dementia